Document Ordering Service

Due the COVID hard lockdown in Perth, we are unable to produce any documents you have ordered until after the lockdown is lifted, which at this stage, is Friday 5 February at 6pm. The lockdown may be extended (check here for updates). Please be assured that once we are able to return to campus, we will be doing everything we can to print and send your order as quickly as possible.

This service allows you to order your Academic Transcript, AHEGS, GPA letter and/or your Confirmation of Completion of Studies online, as well as certified copies of each if required. Further information can be found in MyAnswers.

Payment by VISA/MASTERCARD is required and is processed by a secure online facility (OneStopSecure).

Before you can proceed you will need to verify your identity.

If you need additional documents to those in your Graduation Package, please order them after receiving an email confirming your Graduation. Documents ordered before your Graduation is confirmed will be incomplete (and will not be replaced free of charge).

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If you are unable to access using the above methods, you will need to email the Student Centre to order your transcript.

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Documents Available

The following documents can be ordered through this site:

Statement of Academic Record (with GPA)

Cost: $20 each

The Statement of Academic Record is a complete record of your studies at Murdoch University. It includes each course you have completed with its GPA, the awards conferred and the majors, minors, programs, and streams you have completed as part of each course. It cannot be produced for individual courses.

Confirmation of Completion of Studies

Cost: $10 each

The Confirmation of Completion of Studies is primarily used by students wishing to apply for Permanent Residence status.

GPA Letter

Cost: $10 each

The GPA (Grade Point Average) is a measure of a student’s overall performance in their course. It is not available for Enabling, Honours or Research Courses. More details please click here.

Certified Copies

Cost: $1 each

You can also order certified copies of both documents. An original must be ordered before you can order copies.

Getting help

If you have problems or questions about this service, please contact The Student Centre via:

  • email: